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An endearing Malawi moment
October 30, 2008, 10:26 am
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So when you finish a meal at a restaurant, one shouldn’t be surprised when no mint comes with the bill. However, when one does, it’s a moment of true excitement and giddiness. Then, look a little bit closer as you unwrap this sweet, minty candy and you discover a Halls cough drop. WHAT?!?! Seriously…and then you look at your Malawian friends who haven’t registered how surprising and quite disappointing this discovery is for you as they pop the throat losenger into their mouth. Just another moment in which I have to smile to myself 🙂


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They eat Halls like candy in Peru too…Maybe we Americans are the exception…Still, I’ll only ingest Halls when I’m very sick. Yuck!

Comment by Lauren

Hahaha. I can definitely remember the first time that happened to me in the Dominican Republic and my friends and I got into a really unnecessary debate about what a “dulce” really is, and how it is most certainly not a Halls throat lozenger. haha. Always gets a laugh out of me though, even here in Honduras. It’s been a while, but I hope all is going wonderfully Lisa!!! 🙂

Comment by Johanna

haha! let’s get together over break, and I promise to make some real dessert for us! =) call when you’re in town.

Comment by Jamie

Love it. They gave those to us after every meal in South Africa but the people I was traveling with didn’t want them, so I had them all 😀

Comment by Valbona

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