A Traveler’s Tales from Malawi

September 24, 2008, 6:15 am
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So some of you have noticed that I have been posting pictures more and writing less. I didn’t realize that many of you actually read this, so this post is just for you 🙂

I am almost through with another month. Kinda crazy how fast time flies by! I had a meeting with my boss to discuss my strategy for wrapping everything up in 11 weeks. To be honest, I’m a bit overwhelmed. However, things are going well! I have started to develop a positive prevention toolkit with the feedback and involvement with a number of HIV-positive support group members. It has been a very insightful and humbling experience and I can’t wait to see the final product, which hopefully will be ready by the end of November. My goodness, that is soon! So that is keeping me very busy.

I also helped out some of my teacher friends conduct a sports day with their secondary students last Saturday. It was so fun – like old school St. William’s field days! Of course, what was really nice was the fact that I was simply teaching the games and then cheering them on so I didn’t have the pressure of competing and making too much of a fool of myself 🙂 I swear I saw some future long jump Olympians – really quite amazing. I was going to wait to post you some pictures but experiencing some technical difficulties lately.

Speaking of random difficulties, I woke up this morning to what I assumed during the night would be my garbage torn up by some really big animals but in fact my water pipes bursted in the middle of the night and what I thought was drizzling outside is actually water coming from my ceiling into my living room, bedroom, and bathroom. Good morning, Lisa! Needless to say, my plumbering skills are not good enough at this point to manage this problem. So currently, I’m waiting for the plumber who, in theory, should be coming in 15 minutes but based on African estimates my guess would be that I would be lucky to see him in 2 hours. What’s great about this experience is that I’m not surprised at all and almost amused by the fact that at least the ceiling is holding up 🙂

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


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